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Ramos Vegan Fur Wrist and Ankle Restraints Kit


Those who want more than simple obedience but veer away from leather goods will find these elegant cuffs indispensable. Built from the highest quality materials, the Vegan Ramos Restraints elicit worship and fantasy galore. Engineered to provide the ultimate in restraint, they allow your subject to worship you like a god or goddess. After carefully selecting the PVC, our master craftsmen add elegant details to every pair, making each a unique item for your collection. The beautiful shape and extraordinary faux fur lining will leave you with divine inspiration for many sessions to come.

● Includes two wrist and ankle cuffs and one snap hook connector.
● Cuffs are made from non-leather PVC.
● Cuffs are backed in faux fur with matching stitching.
● Buckles, D-ring and studs are nickel-plated.
● Matching collar and leash are available.
● Handcrafted by leather artisans.
● Ankle 2” width, fully adjustable 8” to 11”.
● Wrist 2” width, fully adjustable 6.5” to 10”

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