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3-Way Hogtie Handmade Thick Sturdy Latigo Leather


SKU: ACC-801S0
  • ART FOR PLEASURE. This 3-way hogtie is a masterpiece in itself. It is the product of the expertise and unparalleled skills of talented craftsmen from Atlanta, GA. The creators of this piece of art which promises limitless pleasure used nothing less than the highest grade of materials to make it durable enough for hours of wild adventures.
  • THE BEST MATERIALS. When something promises endless pleasure, it needs to keep up with the action. That is why this hogtie is made of the best materials which make it ready for action anytime, anywhere. Despite its strength, the Latigo leather is ultra-soft so it seems to caress your skin. It also comes with nickel-plated ring and clips, adding to the total appeal of the hogtie.
  • COMFORT IS KING. Your bedroom is your dominion and your partner needs comfort to make the experience extra pleasurable. Therefore, the hogtie is 11” long with 1-1/2 long clip for a perfect fit.
  • A CENTURY OF FREE SATISFACTION. You are guaranteed to use this hogtie for almost a century. Although impossible, you can rest assured that it will fulfill the promise of pleasure as you can return it if it gets broken and you will get a replacement for free!
  • DISCRETE DELIVERY. The product will be delivered to your house with complete discretion. The parcel will be unmarked and your privacy will be fully valued. 

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