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Atlanta Wrist Cuffs Ankle Cuffs Handmade Lambskin Leather Handcuffs


  • FIT AND RIGHT. It has the right measurements for a comfortable fit. It feels perfect on your wrists and your ankles. These are both easily adjustable with 2” wide wrist cuffs that can fit 6” X 10” while the 2” wide ankle cuffs can fit 8” X 11”.
  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS. Feel like royalty as you enjoy the richness and luxurious softness of these cuffs which are made with the best leather. It showcases authentic Marietta, GA design and craftsmanship. I will not only make you feel like royalty but will also make you look like royalty regardless of your gender. It is made of Latigo leather which equates to durability. Its inside is made of lambskin which gives your skin the softest touch. It features nickel-plated hardware and sophisticated bonded nylon stitching.
  • FUN FOREVER. Have fun with them as it is built to withstand at least a century that’s why it is backed up with free exchange in unlikely case that it breaks.
  • FULL PROTECTION. Even in delivery, your satisfaction with how your privacy is protected is guaranteed with an unmarked packaging.

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