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Bonn Set Full Grain Leather Lockable Collar Wrist Cuffs Ankle Cuffs Chain Leash


  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN AND SUPERIOR AMERICAN QUALITY This Bonn lockable set is made by skilled designers and craftsmen in Georgia. It includes a luxurious lockable leather collar, one lead, two Lockable wrist cuffs, two lockable ankle cuffs, two snap hook leather connectors, five padlocks with keys, and one leather storage bag
  • LOCKED AND LOADED. With innovations that will surely heighten your excitement, the Berlin lockable set is locked and loaded for hunting your prey with a reward instead of punishment. A product of creativity, diligence, and the wild imagination of designers and craftsmen from Georgia, it comes with a collar, a lead, a couple of lockable wrist cuffs, and leather bag to keep it safe and protected when not in use.
  • DEFENSE IS THE BEST OFFENSE. With the highest grade materials, your Berlin lockable set is protected from damages. It has not just one, not two, but three layers of elite handmade Latigo leather and premium soft Chinchilla faux fur to keep your skin protected so you can focus on fulfilling your fantasies as well as your partner’s. The lambskin ensures that you are at your most comfortable throughout your pleasure hunting adventure. To add style and even more excitement because of the cold and hard feel of steel against your skin, nickel-plated D-rings, rivets, and buckles were added.
  • SIZE MATTERS. Size matters because you need to be comfortable in order to fully enjoy your steamy sessions. The Berlin lockable set has fully adjustable elements – collar of 2” width which perfectly fits two neck sizes: small is ideal for 12.5-15.5" neck and large is tailored for 15.5-18.5" neck; 2” wide cuffs for 6” x 10” wrists, 2” cuffs for 8” x 11” ankles, and a leash that is 30” long including 1” wide handle.
  • FOR LIFE. You will always have your Bonn lockable set as it comes with a 99 year warranty or get a free set as replacement if it breaks.
  • TREAT YOU RIGHT. Your order is treated carefully and comes in a generic envelope to protect your privacy

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cici M.
Incredibly comfortable

Got this as a gift. I love using it. It's very comfortable. A lot better quality than anything else I've tried.

Mandie S.
Great products

Excellent items at a great price. So comfortable they can be worn all night