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Atlanta I Collar Handmade Lambskin Leather


SKU: COL-704S0
  • LOCKED AND LOADED. A padlock is a symbol that the wearer is owned and protected. That the wearer belongs to somebody and that the wearer is destined to give and get pleasure anytime. The element of surprise and mystery are perfect foundations of titillating encounters and you will have more of it with the Atlanta lockable collar. Women can wear it as collar while men can use it as restraints. If you are concerned that you can lose the padlock you can buy this collar with no padlock and key slightly cheaper
  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY LEATHER.  Latigo leather and lambskin lining gives the Atlas handmade lockable collar the perfectly erotic combination of strong and soft, a bit of roughness and a lot of caresses. This collar features bonded nylon stitching and unadulterated nickel-plated hardware This is an accessory that makes a fashion statement and a long-time company for pleasurable adventures is ideal for waiting ahead.
  • PERFECT COLLAR. Small size is ideal for 12.5-15.5" neck and large is tailored for 15.5-18.5" neck. Buckle loop only comes with a regular buckle. 
  • BREAK FREE. You are free from breakage for at least 99 years or get a replacement free of charge.
  • CODE OF SECRECY. Get your package in secret as it arrives in a generic envelope.

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