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Madison Padded Restraint Leather Collar and Leash


SKU: SET-404S0
  • Lovely Leather. You will surely love how fashionable it looks and how lovely its softness is. Designers and craftsmen with extensive experience created this masterpiece so you can get the pleasure that you deserve. This stylish restraint for men also looks great as collar for women. Both genders will love how it looks and feels.
  • Superstar Materials. Do not settle for anything else. It is made of the best choices – Latigo leather and lambskin. The super heavy-duty half inch nickel-plated stainless steel lead features professional grade bonded nylon contrast stitching matching collar stitching.  The collar feels great on your neck and it is the accessory that will turn your sensual dream into a reality.
  • The perfect fit forever. No matter what happens, it will always be a perfect fit for two neck sizes: small for 12.5-15.5" neck and large for 15.5-18.5" neck; this 2” wide collar comes with a lock and a key; the total leash length including 1” wide handle is 30”
  • Party with warranty. Have endless bedroom parties as it will never break. It comes with a 99 year warranty and it has lower chances of breaking compared to your bed. You can even get free replacement should you need one.
  • Cover your tracks. No one will have any idea what your unmarked package contains so you can enjoy all your titillating activities without worries.

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