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Atlas Fur Wrist and Ankle Cuffs Combo With Hogtie Sturdy Leather Restraints


  • AMAZING RESULTS DELIVERED BY TALENTED TEAM - This sophisticated piece of fashion was crafted by gifted artisans from Marietta, GA Their joint efforts resulted in creating a perfectly wearable item which fits well, feels comfortable and has the best performance features You will enjoy fine quality of our lockable hand and leg cuffs paired with a leather hogtie
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS AND HARDWARE - The surface of the wrist and ankle cuffs is made of sturdy Latigo leather and backed with a soft inside faux chinchilla liner; the hogtie comes with a metal ring and nickel-plated clips for reliable attachment to the cuffs Both leather items are completed with metal rivets and professional nylon stitching for fashionable look and long-term application Four elegant metal padlocks with keys are centered at the front to accentuate your individuality
  • MOST POPULAR SIZE - These 2" wide handcuffs are ideal for 6" -10" wrists and 2" ankle cuffs are sized for 8" -11" ankles; 11" long hogtie can be easily attached to the cuffs with the use of 1-1/2" long metal clips
  • 99 YEAR WARRANTY - Our stylish accessory was made for long-lasting comfort and total satisfaction The cuffs and hogtie will not break even after repeated use over a significant period of time If they fail, we will replace them at no cost to you
  • DISCREET PACKAGING - The product will be shipped in plain nondescript packaging
If you are looking for leather cuffs and hogtie that will withstand the test of time and durable wear, this elegant item will be a great option. Along with the exquisite design and excellent performance features, it combines ease of use, maximum restraint and soft comfortable feel. All leather items of this set can be matched with other accessories. Enjoy its functionality and gentle touch on your wrists and ankles.

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